“Share my life. I will never ask for too much."

Clouds billow past the stone that is now your home;

Do they pause for a moment?

To hear your bass song

Of love, of life, of laughter, of loneliness.

My memories rush through the story that was your life;

Did I pause then?

To hear your lines spoken

With a smile, a soft word, a grin, a tear.

I walk through life’s lanes, a part of you in me;

Do I stop now?

To heed your soft whisper

To learn, to still fear, to bear up, to find joy.

I will see you again in a world to come;

Will I tell you then?

What your life meant

To me, to your love, to your boys and girls.

I will.

I will tell you then what your life said to me:

“Share my life. I will never ask for too much.”