Noisome Solitude


Cradled to sleep by the rhythmic chugging

Of a beast serene by night

Oblivious to the sonorous notes of its cargo

It slithers through fields lit bright

By the brilliance of the moonbeam.


Flitting across villages in slumber

It breaks through the grey

Into the stirring tunes of the gold rise

The wheels make their foray

Cutting across the pale of a misty dawn.


Those within wake to the light of day

The beast undisturbed goes on

Deep in its belly is a constant beat

Even though the dark quiet is long gone

And the bright gay chatter dispels sobriety.


Dialects many join in a medley

Colorful accents burst into song

Loud chatter within and without

Cause not a falter to the grim bass still strong

In its determined course chalked to a destination.


Joined in purpose to the throngs jostling inside

To reach a fixed point

Solitary in function, constant in rhythm


The beast on wheels glides on.