Why you need some Ayurveda love in the Monsoon


The motto and the focus of Ayurveda is to cure the illness of someone ailing and to safeguard the well-being of the healthy. Ayurveda focuses just as much on prevention as it does on the cure, which is why it has been called the “science of life.”

As the clouds come a rolling this monsoon, we look forward to the romance in the air, the sweet smell of rain and the cool relief that it brings after the sweltering heat of summer. As great as all these things are, the monsoon brings an added benefit – it is one of the most perfect seasons for an Ayurveda treatment.

Monsoon - the perfect time to relax your senses and boost your health with Ayurveda

According to Ayurveda -in simple terms - the earth that accumulates all the heat in the summer, gives it up when the rains cool its surface; that is what causes all the humidity.

rain in tropical rainforest

According to Ancient Ayurveda texts, this heightened moisture helps soften the seven tissues of the body, making the body supple and pliable and in the best state for an intensive Ayurveda treatment. Cool temperature and flexible muscles also means that there is no better time to get the body attuned to an exercise regime than this. Mid-June to Mid-August is a time ripe for Ayurveda treatments.

In Ayurveda terms, the monsoon weather is called Amla-Pitta and is a time that could bring its own set of pitta related health problems.  Pitta is an important element of Ayurveda and is defined as “the principle of transformation energy and governs heat metabolism in the body, is concerned with the digestive, enzymatic, and endocrine systems, and is eliminated from the body through sweat” Some related problems are:

  • red, inflamed rash, acne, cold sores
  • acute inflammation in body or joints
  • acid reflux, gastric or peptic ulcers, heartburn
  • nausea or discomfort
  • Diarrhoea
  • frustration, anger, irritability
  • moody disposition
  • Eye problems that include inflammation and sensitivity to light

As you can see, the banes of this season include physical, mental and emotional discomfort; they do not say “rainy day blues” for nothing. A good Ayurveda treatment combats these problems and works at giving you a natural solution to a healthy body in mind during the monsoon season and long after.

Since I write for BASIS - a resort in Kerala, and and have taken their Ayurveda treatment, let me tell you about my experience there. They have created the perfect environment for an Ayurveda treatment. Right from the organic, home-cooked meals to the aesthetically designed rooms and a calm, nature enriched atmosphere, everything is designed to perfectly complement your Ayurveda treatment.

Home-cooked organic meals

An Ayurveda physician works with you on a combination of curative and preventive treatments. After a consult, the Ayurveda treatment will be supplemented by special diets, exercise, meditation sessions and relaxing massages customized to soothe your particular treatment.

So make sure whichever program you choose, they have the requirements that I mentioned. Avoid the commercialized  treatment spas as few of them give you the authentic experience of traditional Ayurveda. Tell me how you liked the blog and if I can help you with more info.

Health and wellness with Ayurveda this monsoon

Health and wellness with Ayurveda this monsoon